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High Intensity Classes

We provide high intensity interval training classes that change daily and are designed to give you a more effective workout in less time. Most of our classes are 30 minutes so you are in, out, and on with your day. Some of our classes are 40-45 minutes and also 60 minutes.

Current Classes

  • Workout of the Day (WOD): The Workout of the Day is our daily offering and offers a quick, fast-paced workout that changes on a daily basis and may include elements of Strength & Conditioning, Power & Plyometrics, Cardiovascular Endurance, core strength, and other forms of athletic conditioning. Workout formats may include intervals, circuits, AMRAPs, EMOMs, or any other format. The WOD is our primary class offering and may vary in length, most primarily being approximately 30 minutes. We also offer 45-minute and 60-minute WODs depending on the time/day.
  • WindSpeed Indoor Cycling & Rowing: A 30-minute cardio class utilizing the Rowers and Airdyne bikes, machines both utilizing wind resistance. This class offers a variety of intervals, tabatas, ladders, pyramids, steady pace sections, and more. And, because these machines use wind resistance, these machines can move as fast as you can and the quicker you move the more you get out of it. Currently this class has a limited capacity--pre-register using the app or this website to guarantee a spot!
  • Boxing: Boxing is a high paced group fitness class suitable for all ages and skill levels. A 60 minute class, Boxing 101 features both boxing techniques and drills combined with aerobic and anaerobic exercise to provide a blast to your metabolism. All equipment required will be provided so all you need to bring is the hard work! No matter your level of experience Boxing 101 is a great way to gain some self-defense skills. Come have fun, learn boxing techniques, and get a great workout.